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Hello, nice to meet you!

If you are reading this, thank you for checking out my portfolio thus far! I am a passionate and curious photographer & retoucher based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. A rookie visual designer and content creator who is eager to learn more during the digital era we find ourselves in. Let's do this together!

Photographer & Retoucher

Born to create & improve

Spending time with my beloved Canon EOS M50 and doing both paid and TFP photoshoot sessions is usually how I keep myself busy. With natural light and studio setups I focus on creating a broad range of variation in my images to make sure I never do the same shoot twice. Most of my work usually involves model shoots which are fashion and cosplay focused, but I do product photography from time to time as well.

Photoshop is my second home and I have been using it for over ten years now. My eye is always looking for the perfect image and never stops trying to find room for improvement, which is why I love editing photos. Whether they are made by me or by someone else, I can always see ways to make a photo even better. 

"The ONE THING that is most important during a shoot: Making your client feel good"


A silent force

The ones who know me, tend to describe me as a silent force with an unexpected strike. I tend to observe and analyze situations first and then deliver a tactful reply. The same counts for making decisions, which can take me some time. Some might call me a tad indecisive, but when I make a decision it is usually a good one I can stand by. 

You might think I am reserved when first meeting me, which is quite true. Eventhough I am not quite a social person, I do care a lot about how people feel and I am constantly trying to read them to see what I can do for them.

As for interests, I am a nerd. I enjoy games, Kpop, occasionally writing some fiction and my passion for photography finds its origin in cosplay. Do not worry, it is not as cringy as people tend to describe it sometimes!


A rookie, but a fast learner

With experience in art, graphic design, photography, retouching and content creation, I tend to call myself a bit of an all-rounder who is always curious and excited to learn. I am still quite young, but I know there is plenty of room for growth which I hope others will notice as well upon meeting me.

After graduating from HKU Games & Interaction as a Game Artist with a Bachelor degree, I started working at Easyshoots. Here, I was responsible for doing commercial photo retouching for clothing brands such as Daily Paper, Nikkie and Prénatal.

After a brief period of time, I was offered a new position which included content creation for social media and product photography for De Wijze Kater, which was a spiritual shop based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Unfortunately, this store had to close down during the pandemic which left me to search for a new challenge. 

Are you looking for a junior creative to join your team? Or are you interested in working with me as a freelancer? Please don't be shy and shoot me that mail! I am always open to discuss possibilities, may that be in person or through video-chat.

Have a nice day!

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