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DRINK IT! Is an interactive installation meant to stimulate high schoolers and middle schoolers to drink more water at school. The goal of the user is to make the rocket launch by filling their bottle with water. The installation would be situated at the bathrooms of the school and the animations would play on the mirror above the sink. 

This game was created at HKU Games & Interaction as a project for TRANSMANGO, with the theme of food safety.


The project started with a game jam with Korean students, which was really interesting and taught me how to communicate on a different level than just casual conversation. The concept we came up with during the game jam was completely different from our end product, but I will include it here as well. The concept was a board game in which meat eaters and vegetarians had to battle against each other to gain the most power over the land by placing meat factories and plantations. 


  • Concept art

  • Experience Design

  • Graphic Design

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