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During a course at HKU Games & Interaction, students were given a chance to design their own storyworld and create one level from it. 

The story: “Søren has fallen asleep during the Diagonal Time and now finds himself in a pitch black world. After a long while of walking around in the dark, he finally reaches a small white light which appears to be a fish-like creature with a long tail. The creature looks friendly, but when Søren speaks one word to it, the creature parts with her tail and leaves it behind in a tank of water. A bright white light shines and the water tank changes into a white light bulb, enlightening the monochrome world. With the light now there, Søren takes off to explore the world he found himself in to search for a way back to reality.”

The dream world Søren finds himself in, is a place based on what Søren experiences in life. The environment I created is based on the fish tank standing next to Søren's bed which he always looks at to calm himself. 

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